Assessment appeal services


If you have questions or concerns regarding the recent tax assessed value on your residential property, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you with those questions.  Most often the question on a recent appeal is whether the local assessor over assessed a residence. 


A good place to start for homeowners of residential dwellings with questions on an assessment is with county records.  Simply verify either on line or call your local assessor office and verify that the data on your property card matches your personal records. 


More often than not, if you go to the online site of the local assessor, there will be a link to comparable sales data that may have been used when assessing your property. This can be a simple task for homeowner located in areas with limited sales data, or a more of an undertaking when there are an extensive number of sales transactions. 


The assessor office will attempt to match characteristics of your dwelling with similar characteristics of dwellings that have sold in your neighborhood.  Again, this may or may not be an easy task for the assessors office and will depend on the number of sold transactions and the overall characteristic similarities of the sold dwellings in your area/neighborhood.    


There is often a point in this process that many homeowners feel the task will take to much time and effort to complete.  This is particularly true when the homeowner attempts to decipher sales data to determine if their dwelling has been assessed correctly.  Further it is very important to keep in mind that the appeal process, if the homowner decides to utilize, has specific dates that must me meet.  Many homeowners do not feel they have the time to meet these dates. The assessement appeal dates are typically listed within the assessor web site page. 


This is when Certified Appraisals, Inc can be of assistance to the homeowner. We will use our knowledge and data analysis to perform an appraisal on your residential dwelling which can be used as comparison to what the assessors office is assessing your residential dwelling.  We will analyze the data on the assessors web site and data from our multiple listing service as part of our appraisal process.  Our goal is to provide the homeowner with timely information that will be helpful in their decision as to whether they should appeal or not appeal the recent tax assessment. 

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