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Home Improvements That Can Improve Your Health
May 7th, 2014 2:14 PM

Your surroundings can have a strong influence on your mood. Making small changes on your home environment can have a big impact on how you feel and on your overall health. There is a new movement in design and even construction to make positive impacts on how people live, work and play. It's even more important today, where many people work at home either partially or full time.

Lack of movement, social interaction and physical health can affect the health issues that plague people today. We lead more sedentary lives today which contributes to obesity and a wealth of issues associated with obesity. Design in homes and communities, and home improvements can help with some of these issues. Designs in the home that promote movement, and designs in communities that include walkable spaces and spaces that promote social interaction can help us to lead healthier lives.

Adding a porch, deck or patio to your home improves mental health by adding access to the outside world. Extending living spaces gets people to spend more time outdoors, as well as letting natural light and air filter into the home. Another way to get outdoors is to have a small garden or even grow some herbs in pots on the deck.

Adding seating areas outside the home and in communities promotes more social interaction, and spaces for having a quiet read while enjoying the outdoors can lead to a healthy mind and body. When there are outdoor spaces for gathering, it encourages people to walk to those spaces and have an avenue for social gatherings.

Sleep is very important to overall health, so it makes sense to make sure your bedroom promotes tranquility. Try to avoid sleeping in a room that is along a busy street. Installing soundproof windows and drapes with "blackout" lining helps. Also leaving the TV/entertainment center out of your bedroom is recommended as the lights and sounds from these devices can interrupt sleep.

Also very important is the air quality in your home. Find a way to have some fresh air flow in the home by opening windows at least for a period of time when the weather cooperates. Make sure to regularly replace/clean filters on air conditioners and/or heating systems helps to promote clean air throughout the home. Check your radon and/or carbon monoxide detectors on a regular basis.

These are just a few examples of promoting a healthy environment in your home and neighborhood community. By making just a few changes, you can have huge rewards and feel more healthy and happy overall. It is important to promote a healthy atmosphere in the home, especially with the amount of people who work either part or full time from their home. Mental and physical benefits abound just from making a few changes.

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